My land knows me¨: the sad story of the detained Moroccans in Tindouf¨


« My land knows me » is a documentary of the producer Rabii El Jawhari, which talks about the heartbreaking story of Moustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud in the Tindouf’s Camps in Algeria

This document was projected at the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights that was held in Geneva. And so it was seen by human rights activists from all over the planet, such as Switzerland (the host country), France, Spain, and countries from Latin America

El Jawhari considered this festival as the perfect occasion to show all what the detained Moroccans in the camps of Tindouf are undergoing. His documentary shows live testimonies of the Moroccans that dream of getting back to their country in order to escape the misery and torture that the Polisario makes them endure in these camps

The audience was reactive to El Jawhari’s documentary since all who were present at the festival agreed that this sufferance should end, and these Moroccans must be released immediately. They also asked Algeria, who has created the Polisario, to stop finance and support it, and to rather work on the Maghreb Union which will with no doubt benefit the entire region. The director of the festival was empathic as well to the story of these poor detained Moroccans. Thus, he applauded El Jawhari’s work and encouraged all the producers to continue on this path and show to the world the injustice that the Moroccans are enduring in the Algerian territories

To conclude, the world is starting to realize that the Polisario was one of the worst mistakes of Algeria

Abdellah bennani




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