SOS: Ali Anouzla needs money, Kaddafi’s resources are finished


Ali Anouzla the owner of the online news paper was the guest of a show on the polisario radio station, Mizrat,  yesterday. As usual Mr.Anouzla practiced his hobby, criticizing morocco, yet this time he changed the audience

We got used to his chocking editorials in ‘’ that are always providing a very negative image of Morocco, but this time Anouzla crossed the limits. Talking to a radio station of the separatist movement which wants to divide our country and saying all  ؟ his dirty useless speeches to our enemies, why

Let us rewind to understand the reasons that pushed him to give the polisario and Algeria what they want to hear

Ali Anouzla used to get paid by the Libyan secret intelligence service to write negatively about morocco. It is known that Kaddafi had no empathy for morocco, and was providing financial aids to the separatist, the Polisario. On the other side, Ali anouzal, was a journalist from Sahraoui origins, none married, with homosexual tendencies, in sum, a perfect prey for the kaddafian intelligence service. They hired him and started providing him with unbelievable amount of money just to write bad articles about morocco

However, nothing lasts, and the Arab spring dropped the Kaddafi regime and so Ali Anouzla lost his financial resources, so maybe this is the reason why he is providing his services on a Polisario radio station

The “fellow Ali” as he was named in the show by his communist friends is looking for other potential clients to sell his country, so  ؟ will he find any

Abdellah Bennani

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